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Our production team loves working with journalists around the world to share our message about the Beautiful Dying Expo. If you are a member of the media and would like to talk, please get in touch with us by sending an email to with the subject line “MEDIA INQUIRY”

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The Next Room
A Beautiful Dying on The Next Room with Michele Little

Michele Weiss-Little learned a lesson no one should ever have to learn. Without warning, her brother FDNY Firefighter, David M Weiss, Rescue 1, while rescuing thousands of people from the North Tower of the World Trade Center on that horrific day, September 11, 2001, disappeared without a trace. Gone. Nothing was said or prepared for. 

Now, her grief has become her mission; to inspire individuals to speak out and plan for their final exit with respect and deep compassion. This is the reason her passion project was born ― the Beautiful Dying Expo  ―now, in the 2nd year of the expo, 2020, named The Year of Reflection, has pivoted the way we share information to a virtual experience giving us this moment to reflect,  allowing ourselves the time to navigate through life’s journey and granting ourselves the permission to move “The Conversation” to a plan of action with love, connection and celebration VIRTUALLY, together, with a new term, Proframily (professional, friends and family).

The Next Room
A Beautiful Dying on The Next Room with Christy Marie

Christy Marie was blessed to be raised in a family that accepted death as a normal part of life and never shied away from talking about their loved ones after they had passed. She remembers large family gatherings after the funerals of loved ones and the feelings of love, grief, sadness and even joy in the sharing of memories and stories. Her life has been unconventional, intense and deeply magical. Even in the darkest moments she can always find the light and have a laugh.

Christy’s most recent adventure has been answering the call by the Morrigan to work as a death doula and end-of-life specialist. This path has led her to return to school to complete a degree in Humanities & Social Services, dive into Shadow Work, and explore hidden archetypes. She also works with extraordinary industry leaders to help co-produce the Beautiful Dying Expo.

2020 Marketing Kit

Let your customers and prospective customers know you will be exhibiting or speaking at the 2020 Beautiful Dying Virtual Expo: Navigating Through Life’s Journey . Place your company name in front of attendees long before they log on. The earlier you start, the more successful you’ll be at driving your target audience to your virtual booth.

Promote the event and your participation on your website, newsletters, calendars, social media and email signatures. Download the following sample documents and use them to establish contact in advance of the event and build excitement for the Expo! Be sure to use the official hashtag #BeautifulDyingExpo on all of your social media posts.


Event Logo

All Beautiful Dying Expo exhibitors and presenters in good standing are entitled and encouraged to use the official Beautiful Dying Expo logo in company marketing materials related to their participation in the event. No alterations (other than resizing of the graphic) may be made to the Beautiful Dying Expo event logo. 

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