Gain exposure and visibility

Are you ready to be seen by hundreds of interested clients?

November 2, 2019  San Diego Convention Center

What's all the hoopla?

High Visibility

This event gives each Exhibitor the ability to get in front of hundreds of people. It is a completely new and unique trade show that is guaranteed to attract a huge crowd. With celebrity guests, raffles and amazing sponsorship opportunities, it is going to be a huge event.

Targeted audience

Those in attendance will be there specifically for learning and planning their end-of-life journey. This gives you a focused group interested in your products. It is a great place to connect with your ideal client and those in the industry who can refer your services.

Find joint venture partners

Exhibitors from all areas surrounding End-of-Life Care including Palliative Care, Hospice, In-Home Funerals and vigils, as well as Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Digital Assets and more. Find other companies to partner with and form a strong network of referral partners.

Sponsor the event for headline mentions

Several levels of sponsorship are available to our exhibitors. As title sponsor your name, logo and promotional materials will be front and center for attendees throughout the expo as well as mentioned during the Gala, the give-aways and the Morning Plenary Sessions.

Have the opportunity to teach

One of the greatest draws to being an Exhibitor is the ability to facilitate a workshop or teach a class in your area of expertise by sharing your work with the public and professionals alike. Opportunities for networking, continuing education, specialty certifications, and more make this an event you don’t want to miss.

"We are so excited to be able to support the first annual Beautiful Dying Expo. A chance to celebrate life in its entirety including the conclusion. This event will be unlike anything guests have attended before."
Nina M.
"This expo is the first of a new tradition where we celebrate death and dying and remove the taboo from it. We aim to make it a beautiful event to help those individuals design their final journey and leave nothing left to chance."
Bradley S.

Beautiful Dying Expo is a Project under IVAT Centers, a California, not-for-profit 501 (c)3 Organization TIN #75-2401334

All donations are tax-deductible

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