"The Beautiful Dying Expo is an excellent opportunity for networking and relationship-building"
Gary Wederspahn
Final Exit Network

Compassion & Choices

Improving care, expanding options and empowering everyone to chart their end-of-life journey

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation

In the spirit of embracing all of life, which includes death, we further the mission and vision of Elisabeth through the work of the Foundation that bears her name through collaboration, education, and advocacy.

Final Exit Network

Your life, your death, your choice.
Education and Guidance on Self-Deliverance

VITAS Healthcare

When Quality of LIfe Matters Most, Hospice is Our Specialty

Coalition for Compassionate Care of California

Aligning healthcare with patient preferences since 1998.The Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC) is an interdisciplinary partnership of thought-leaders from healthcare systems and organizations, government agencies, consumer organizations, and the general public. Through advocacy, education, and resource development, we’re working to ensure organizations and communities have the information, resources, and tools to expand palliative care across the continuum of care.

Destination Destiny Memorials

Resting With Nature.
Americas premier eco friendly funeral options provider

Love Your Life To Death

Our mission is to teach people how to live life to the fullest, learn to grieve and support others and have “The Talk” about end of life long before it arrives and diffuse the fear.


Offering free, supportive spiritual booklets for the end of life

A2Z Healing Toolbox®

Navigating grief and trauma with powerful tools and resources

White Rose Aqua Cremation

Eco-Friendly Deathcare

Think Goodness

Think Goodness, Give Goodness; A Little Goes a Long Way

Living with Ghosts: A Documentary

Science weighs in on the healing power of after-death communication

Keefe Funeral Homes

We're here for you.

We are family-owned, locally-staffed funeral firm who has been dedicated to our community for more than three generations.

Tree of Life Ceremony Foundations

Living Trees to Honor a Loved One with the Ceremony of Life

TopKare Hospice

Topkare Hospice is transforming conversations around end of life care. Instead of hospice being labeled as a place people go to die, or a service for those who are giving up, we are aligning the goals of hospice (comfort, family, home, meaning, support, and quality of life) to the goals of the patients and families we serve in the community. Our mission is to provide empowering education and exceptional personalize care for patients families and community in order to enhance comfort dignity and choice through the end of life.

Los Robles Healthcare San Diego

Bringing together the best people, practices, and ideas to set the standard for healthcare in the home.

The Grave Woman

Let's Talk About Death

The Conference on Death, Grief and Belief

Deconstructing Culture, Myth, and Meaning

ProThrive Science-Based Hypnotherapy

Change your mind, transform your future!

Beautiful Dying, LLC

Concierge Dying and Death Management Service

IVAT Centers

IVAT links practice, policy research
and advocacy to end violence
Our vision is a world free from violence, abuse, and trauma

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