Master of Ceremonies

Throughout nearly two decades of working in hospice, Kimberly experienced grief from the loss of young co-workers and many hospice patients as she captured their life stories in order to celebrate the lives they lived.
In December 2016 she created a podcast, Death by Design, that hosts industry leaders in medicine as well as artists, designers, caregivers and authors who are reclaiming their voice around their own experiences with death and dying.

Keynote Speakers

Rachel has 8+ years of professional experience working in elderly care and early childhood education. Using her M. Ed. and knowledge of end of life care, she has the unique tool set to support children and families with the loss of a loved one.

Elizabeth believes that art can emerge from grief. For the past 5 years, she has been helping people through the grieving process in a very unique way, by transforming their stories of grief into works of art.


Claire cared for her parents in the later part of their lives. She and her husband became passionate about helping people through their end of life journeys. Together, in pursuit of this passion, they created Dying Your Way.

Ben grew up in Germany. Upon finishing high school, He joined the Fransiscan Capuchin Order of the Catholic Church. His love of Star Trek and anything SciFi brought him to the USA. He has been working with VITAS Healthcare, San Diego, as a Chaplain since 2010.

With more than 45 years of clinical experience, Roger specializes in Medical Hypnosis and has witnessed the power of the unconscious mind to make healthy changes.

Gabrielle works every day to provide comfort and support to patient's and their families at the end of life. Her main focus is to relieve each patient from pain, discomfort and fear to allow for a peaceful and dignified passing.

Danny created Good Grief, a collection of mandala installations that she created and photographed, as a way to alleviate the loss that she felt at the time of family deaths. She hopes that artwork can help others through their own grief as well.

Sharon’s life experiences of living “positive” with HIV/AIDS since 1983, as well as overcoming anorexia, the death of many friends and loved ones, destructive relationships, two suicide attempts, two near-death experiences, and nine years of childhood sexual abuse, have brought about wonderful and fulfilling opportunities for healing herself and others.

Dr. Goldbach is a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse. For 30 years, she has dedicated her life to helping people find wellness: Wellness for the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Jennifer’s personal and business philosophy is centered around living a conscious, present life and planning for death to minimize suffering at the end of life. As the founder of Holistic End of Life Care, Jennifer focuses on helping others create end of life care plans and live life with mindfulness and purpose.

With her patients, Emily uses therapeutic and individualized music interventions to promote various goals such as decreased pain, decreased anxiety, increased comfort, social/emotional/spiritual support, family support, decreased confusion, sensory stimulation, and overall comfort as the patient is actively dying.

Formerly a nurse leader in healthcare organizations, Pat helps other nurse leaders make a difference by helping them transform how they lead caring in their organizations.

Elizabeth knew her calling in this life was to nurture others and help them realize their personal and global potential. Extensive travel opportunities have extended her the privilege of witnessing and learning from diverse cultures as well as inspiring her own spiritual evolution.

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