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A multitude of workshops to assist with your visions, goals and plans on end-of-life choices, options and decisions.

Workshops are hands-on and interactive, giving participants a chance to be creative; begin, analyse and finish their critical documents.

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exit papers 101

Medical Doctors, Nurses, Caregivers, CPR Trainers, and Hospice Personnel working in Palliative Care will guide you in writing your Health Care Directives, Five Wishes®, POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment), and more...

cutting edge pain management

Learn about the choices and options of cutting edge pain management for the Terminally Ill such as CBD, and Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy, etc. 

End-of-life planning process

Begin and continue your end-of-life planning process by learning about Green Burials, Natural Burial Grounds, Cremations, Death Midwives and Death Doulas options.

Mind * Body * Spirit

Bereavement and Grieving workshops to support you. Discover who Thanatologists and Psychopomps are.  Experience what Mediums and Psychics are hearing from your loved ones and pets.


End of Life leaders share their perspective

Pioneers and thought leaders with expertise in the end of life movement will come together for lively and innovative panel discussions.   

Moderated by best-selling author and End-of-Life University podcaster, Dr. Karen Wyatt, these conversations will be intriguing and keep us all engaged as we learn from the best! 

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Dr. Karen Wyatt
Panel Host

Dr. Karen Wyatt is the bestselling author of the books The Tao of Death and What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying, which contains stories of patients she cared for as a hospice doctor and the spiritual lessons she learned from them at the end of their lives. Dr. Wyatt also hosts End-of-Life University Podcast, which features conversations with experts who work in all aspects of end-of-life care. She is widely regarded as a thought-leader in the effort to transform the way we care for our dying in the U.S. In addition, she is valued for her application of spiritual principles to illness and healthcare and teaches that in order to live life fully we must each overcome our fear of death and embrace the difficulties that life brings us.

Morning Panel


The Comfort Measures and Caring for the Dying  panel features leading industry experts sharing information on how to relieve symptoms and optimize comfort as patients undergo the dying process. Care and comfort measures allows for a better quality of life at the end of life.   

If you are wondering what will happen, how to give comfort, what to say, or what to do for a loved one who is dying, we encourage you to attend.

Learn how to provide end-of-life comfort in four areas – physical comfort, mental and emotional needs, spiritual issues, and practical tasks.


Afternoon Panel

The End-of-Life Choices and Planning panel will include legal expertise to get your affairs in order as well as a lively discussion about the alternatives to traditional funerals and services that are available today.

Knowing what choices are available to you at end-of-life is incredibly important and empowering. By planning in advance, you are freed to live life to the fullest. 

Advance planning helps ensure you will get the care you want and avoid what you don’t want, even if you’re unable to speak for yourself. Let our experts guide you through your choices.




Dr. Bob believes that effective care goes beyond simply keeping his patients comfortable; in fact, he believes it is vital for a team to work together to address ALL of a person’s needs—physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, in order to ensure the best possible quality of life. He sees this as something the elderly, seriously ill and the dying are often deprived of, and it’s become his mission in life to change that.

Dr. Bob’s work involves fostering deep connections with patients and families going through major health and life challenges and struggles. He guides them in making decisions about their care so they can enjoy the greatest sense of peace and wellbeing while they go through the stages of aging and complex illness, up to and including the taking of their final breath.

Dr. Bob collaborates with other physicians on behalf of his patients and families, and often brings families together in their understanding of the situation and the best ways to support and honor their loved ones.

He and his team members take a “village” approach to providing healthcare, and focus on what matters most to their patients and families (rather than what’s the matter with them), so the journey becomes comfortable, safe, and as peaceful as possible. Their focus is on integrating all areas of a person’s care, including physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, so life is as rich and fulfilling as possible. 

He can be reached at www.integratedmdcare.com or by calling 858-925-7554

Dr. Karl Steinberg is a Hospice and Palliative Medicine Physician and Long-term Care Geriatrician.  He has been a hospice and nursing home medical director in the San Diego area since 1995 and is currently Chief Medical Officer for Mariner Health Central and medical director at Life Care Center of Vista, Carlsbad by the Sea Care Center, and Hospice by the Sea. He received his bachelor’s in biochemistry from Harvard and studied medicine at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Dr. Steinberg then did his family medicine residency at UCSD. Dr. Steinberg is editor-in-of AMDA’s monthly periodical, Caring for the Ages. He is a past chair of the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California and is active in advance care planning and palliative care initiatives, including education and public policy on a statewide and national level, also serving on the National POLST Paradigm and the National Quality Forum’s standing committee on geriatric and palliative care. However, Dr. Steinberg is probably best known for taking his dogs on patient care rounds with him on most days.

Gabrielle Elise Jimenez is the authore of Soft Landing: Lessons I’ve learned about life, through death where she shares how she became a hospice nurse and the wonderful life lessons she learned along the way. As an artist, she creates paintings that are a reflection of the emotions she is feeling, the music she is listening to or the wine she might be sipping. Sometimes…it is all three. 

Roger Moore has been in the profession of counseling and human services since 1973. He holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Counseling Psychology and has more than 9 years of graduate studies in Behavior Science. Roger has been in private practice specializing as a Medical Counselor and Hypnotherapist since 1997. He is the author of Becoming Slender For Life.

There is a long, established history of the efficacy of hypnosis in the field of medicine. Palm Desert Hypnosis offers medical hypnosis that can help people at the end-of-life.

As an integrated part of your medical care, clinical hypnosis is a safe and drug-free approach for anxiety, depression, pain, tremors, stiffness, and other end-of-life matters. 

Roger Moore has been working with people in a variety of counseling settings for more than 40 years. Roger is a hypnosis practitioner dedicated to helping people to be able to use the power of your own mind to improve quality of life. He belongs to two of the most highly recognized organizations for Certified Hypnotherapists in the world: The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists and is a member of the Parkinson’s Resource Organization’s Wellness Village.

You can reach Roger at Palm Desert Hypnosis and online world wide at www.PalmDesertHypnosis.com.

Since the mid 1980’s, Sharon Lund has been an advocate on end-of-life issues, dying and death, HIV/AIDS, and holistic therapies. She has been living positive with HIV/AIDS since 1983, and she had two near-death experiences.

Sharon has led workshops and speaking engagements throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Russia and Japan. She has been interviewed on such shows as Oprah, Eye on America, 48 Hours, and in “O” The Oprah Magazine. Sharon accepted an invitation from President Clinton to speak at the White House. She has published four books and produced the award winning documentary Dying to LIVE: Near-Death Experiences. 

Sharon is the founder of Sacred Life Publishers and the non-profit organization Sacred Living Sacred Dying Org. 

Tarron Estes is the founder and director of The Conscious Dying Institute of Boulder, Colorado; a Faculty of The Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) and Adjunct Faculty with University of Colorado School of Nursing.  She is a member of the NHPCO End of Life Doula Advisory Council and charter member of NEDAlliance.org, a newly forming collective of end of life educators creating standards of care, scope of practice, and a Best Three Months: End of Life Coaching and Care Planning Practicum for graduates of End of Life Doula Programs.

She designs and facilitates onsite (onsite) “Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula Certificates” with 66 CNES from ANCC in the U.S. and Canada where she has trained and certified over 800 End of Life Doulas since the onset of the institute in 2013. Graduates of the End of Life Doula Certificate may continue their journey by joining the Masters Path, becoming Conscious Dying Educators who “Restore Death to it’s Sacred Place in the Beauty, Mystery, and Celebration of Life in their local communities. 

She offers a unique end-of-life training called: “Best Three Months: End of Life Coaching and Care Planning” to Hospital Staff and Clinical Professionals, Senior Care Staff and Community Residents, Faith Based Community Members. 

Adam Englund, Esquire, has been in solo practice for over 30 years.  He handles transactions in the areas of business entity formation and operation, contracts, intellectual property, including trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights; many aspects of entertainment law and trust and estate planning.  In the estate planning arena, in addition to advanced health care directives, power of attorney, real estate transfers and wills, Adam helps individuals and families avoid probate all together by preparing a revocable living trust.
Adam says, “The best bequest is to have your affairs in order”.

Ben Janzen is a Bereavement Services Manager, APBCC, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with VITAS Healthcare in San Diego, CA. Ben is an expert in understanding the benefit of hospice for both patients and their families by providing comfort and quality of life to patients who can’t be cured of their conditions.  

Eric Putt is the Co-Founder and Director of  Thresholds Home and Family-Directed Funeral Services in San Diego, CA. He is committed to Reclaiming the Sanctity of Death and teaching the community how to take care of their own dead.

Samantha Trad is the Access Campaign Director for Compassion and Choices. Compassion & Choices works at all levels of government and medicine nationwide to transform end-of-life care, with informed, empowered patients leading the way. They envision a society that affirms life and accepts the inevitability of death, embraces expanded options for compassionate dying, and empowers everyone to choose end-of-life care that reflects their values, priorities, and beliefs.

Scott T. Barton, PhD, is the Director of Anatomical Services at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine, which has 2800 students, 1500 faculty, 18 departments and 78 residency and fellowship programs. Dr. Barton’s work supports and facilitates the education and research activities at UCSD and beyond through the management of a whole-body donation program of more than 450 annual donations. He is a well-respected member of the University of California Anatomical Donation Program team who is active on his home campus and throughout the UC system. This includes being a member of the Anatomical Materials Review Committee, the Institutional Biosafety Committee, the Human Anatomical Specimen and Tissue Oversight Committee, and the System-wide Anatomical Materials Review Committee.

Dr. Barton is also a faculty member at Mid-America College of Funeral Service and Dallas Institute of Funeral Service. He is a member of the Anatomical Services Committee in the American Association of Clinical Anatomy. He is also a member of the American Association of Anatomy, the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, the Cremation Association of North America, and the National Funeral Directors Association.

Shawn began her journey in Death Care with career in the Funeral Industry that spans over a decade, serving the 5 county region, known as Southern California. She is native to Los Angeles, claiming home in Long Beach, Ca. After the loss of her brother in 2013, Shawn took intensive training in the Art of Death Midwifery through the Sacred Crossing Institute where she obtained Certifications as a Death Midwife and Funeral Celebrant. 
She has since dedicated her future to guiding families and the dying through creating meaningful ritual and an environment for the process of dying to be dignified, peaceful and in the comfort of your own home. Shawn brings an open heart and wealth of knowledge and experience as a Funeral Director to her work through DIY DYING, a before & after death care service.  
As an advocate for Home Funeral and Green Burials practices, Shawn guides families through the processes of preparing for ones death, caring for the dying at home, and conducting a living wake or home funeral. She would continue  assisting the family with comfort, peace, and kindness through arranging and facilitating final disposition arrangements as well. 

Shawn is committed to advocating for environmentally responsible burial practices and is a current Board Director for the Green Burial Council to further her commitment. Shawn’s  passionate about bringing those closer to having peace with death and making informed decisions when it comes to their end-of-life wishes. She has a unique history of experience with alternative memorial options, such as memorial spaceflight and full body burials at sea.

For more information on Shawn services, visit www.diydying.com or follow her on instagram.com/@diydying.   

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