Countdown to Expo

It is time to plan

Mark your calendars and get ready to plan your celebration of life. 

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Exhibitor Fair

Meet dozens of vendors sharing their wares, products, and services to make your final days exactly what and how you want it to be. Delish food and beverage samples at your fingertips. Yummy 


 Take the time to attend one of the many seminars offered throughout the expo. These classes are designed to help you plan the end of your life and ensure no questions go unanswered.


Saturday Night Gala

A red carpet gala with dancing, music, laughs and cocktails with an absolutely stunning El Día de los Muertos, The Day of the Dead theme.

Who's Speaking?

We have brought in industry experts to deliver engaging and informative presentations aimed at helping you ensure all of your end of life wishes and needs are met. 

Learn Grow and Prepare

Our expo schedule is full of courses ranging from: Exit Papers 101, Estate Planning, Family support, Stages of Grief, and many more

Attendees will leave with actionable steps and the knowledge they need to plan their final celebration. As well as tools and connections for all the end of life needs for you or your family members. 

Don’t leave your final wishes a mystery. Enter the Expo and discover amazing tools and resources available to you, that perhaps, you didn’t even know existed. Check out the Bookstore and meet the authors at their book signing gigs. Talk with everyone, don’t miss a thing. You’ll meet doctors, nurses, ombudsmen, social workers, lawyers, scientists, physicists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, therapists, massage therapists, as well as healers, psychics, shamans, death midwives and death doulas, psychopomps and music thanatologists.

Unlimited workshops per day facilitated by the very best from Attorney’s specializing in Wills and Trusts, to Financial Planners and Estate Planners, Bankers, Brokers and Investors. Are you looking to downsize your living space? Perhaps thinking about moving into an Over 55 facility? Step into a workshop with Realtors and ask your questions and hear from the experts. Go to the CPR classes and get certified.

From Exit Papers 101, including, Choices of Directives and Other Critical Documents to Palliative Care, Hospice, At-Home Care and In-Home Funerals to the benefits of essential oils, CBD and Hallucinogens, YOU won’t want to miss this expo!

You want to be flown to the moon? Be buried at sea? Get lost in space? Not sure? Come to the Beautiful Dying Expo and get educated. Perhaps you’d like to get into a satin filled coffin and feel what its like while you’re alive. Maybe lay in a mushroom suit and feel the spores of mushrooms around you?

Check out the beautiful jewelry at the booths with designs from necklaces, lockets and diamonds made up of your loved one’s ashes.

Did you know that in the United States alone, more people are talking about dying and death than at any other time in history? And there are some of us searching for new ways to stay young while some of us want to know where the closest green burial grounds are located?

We are here to help educate you, bring awareness to you and help empower you to navigate through life’s journey with the most up to date innovational tools and resources available today. We hope this expo will bring you clarity and a feeling of accomplishment to make good choices for yourself and your loved ones.

Come to the Beautiful Dying Expo and find ways to navigate through this journey called life. 

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